May 8, 2014 - Almost there; Tropea, here we come!

Well, we nearly missed it! Glen and I took a little two-car train from Lamezia Terme (Calabria's closest airport) to a little town just before Tropea. A well-meaning fellow passenger told us to get off one stop too soon. Fortunately, the train conductor heeded our hammering on the side of the railcar, stopped the train, and we jumped back on again with all our luggage! (Luggage: that's a story for another post)!

We eventually made it to the Parghelia train station, where, with enormous relief, we spotted our host and owner of the two-bedroom apartment we'd rented. However, rather than driving us straight there (perhaps the previous occupants were still gathering up their things?) he drove us to an area about twenty minutes outside of Tropea, called Capo Vaticano.

Here, I quote directly from book #2 in my Stone Suspense series, SCARE AWAY THE DARK: "By daylight, the 124-meter-high white granite cliffs provide an unequaled view of miles of sandy beaches and secluded coves with crystal-clear turquoise water. Once a sacred place, priests and fortune-tellers came to the cape to prophesy futures based on the flight of the indigenous birds."

Yes, sausages DO grow on trees!

Yes, sausages DO grow on trees!

P.S. Since our first visit to Capo Vaticano, I've had the good fortune to have spent much more time in what I consider one of the most exquisitely beautiful places on Earth. 

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