May9, 2014 - DAY 1 in Tropea, Calabria, ITALY

After finally arriving in Tropea the night before, Glen and I ventured around the corner from our apartment in a converted palace (see below). At the Cafe de Paris (I know, I’m not sure about that either!) we had our first lattes and cornettis e marmalade (croissants injected with marmalade) which became our daily breakfast staple. It’s still chilly here in May, there aren’t many people in the historic town center other than the locals, and at least fifty percent of the shops and restaurants are still closed for the season. We did, however, manage a day on the beach, although the beautiful Mediterranean was too cold for me to go in the water.

AN EXCERPT FROM from book #1 in my Stone Suspense series, DEADLY SWITCH:

Situated on a reef in the toe of the boot known as the Calabria region, the travel brochures referred to Tropea as ‘Las Costa degli Dei’—the Coast of the Gods. The apartment he and Cynthia had leased for the summer was once a castle. Built in 1721 and renovated in 1921, it perched at the edge of a natural rock formation, overlooking Tropea’s charming town. From this fortress-like cliff, fifty meters above sea level, Gavin gazed out over the shimmering azure water of the Tyrrhenian Sea. White sands and spectacular views overlooking the Aeolian Islands provided an inspiring place to perfect one’s tan. The few sun worshippers on the beach below seemed anti-like in relation to the huge cliffs that towered above them. He found himself utterly taken with the picturesque, ancient Mediterranean town and its unspoiled beauty.”

I’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU: Have you been to Italy; if so where and what did you like best about it?

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