An introduction to
"Postcards From the Edge"

While in the process of writing book #3 in my Stone Suspense Series, I started re-reading my journals--the many ones I kept as I prepared to write each book. They go all the way back to before DEADLY SWITCH was published in 2013. 

When planning that first book, I made the slightly mad decision to set it in a magical location called Tropea, on the Calabrian coast of Italy. Well, I imagined it to be magical but I'd never actually been there! Yes, I've been known to go out on a limb like that:>)

The funny thing was that after DEADLY SWITCH came out, almost everyone said they could tell I'd spent a considerable amount of time in Tropea because readers said they could feel, taste, and smell my setting. I credit that to a friend who went there every year and of course the miracle of doing research on the internet.

When I did finally get there in person (a year after the book came out) I was thrilled at how accurate the places cited in my book were!

So, dear reader, I hope you'll come along with me on this exciting journey! Every week I will share either a snippet from my journal and/or an image that will constitute my version of Postcards From the Edge.

  1. Each blog post will be open for comments, as engaging with my readers is one of my favourite things to do.

Hope to see you back here next week!