May 10, 2014 - Gateway to Paradise

This trip started in Paris (our first time!) then went to Monte Carlo by train. Flew out of Nice to Venice. From there we took the Eurostar to Rome. Then Naples, Pompei, Positano, all down the Amalfi coast to beautiful Sorrento.

And now, we have spent our first two nights in the charming historic village of Tropea, Calabria. DEADLY SWITCH, the first book in my Stone Suspense series has been out for a year and I am only just now visiting the place where it is partially set. The greatest compliment I continue to receive from readers is that they could tell I’d been there—that they could smell and taste and feel the authenticity. But I hadn’t been there, not until now!


He stepped out of the cool stone apartment building into the blinding midday sun and headed down the Corso Vittorio Emmanuale, the long street that was a favorite of both locals and tourists, until he found a suitable cafe. Lucky to snag one of the two remaining tables, he was grateful for the reprieve of the shade. A waiter—probably the owner—brought a menu, which Gavin perused and quickly made a choice of a draft Nastro Azzura, antipasto, and calamari partan, a deliciously refreshing concoction of calamari marinated in olive oil, lemon, white wine and parsley. While he waited for his food to come, he sipped his beer and watched tourists wander lazily up and down the street as they headed to or from the dead-end vista. From there, one could revel in breathtaking views of the sea.”

The photo on this Postcard from the Edge is the EXACT location I’ve written about here and was situated right around the corner from our apartment!

I’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU: Have you been to Italy; if so where and what did you like best about it?

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