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Scare Away the Dark

“… meticulously reimagined settings, multi-dimensional characters, and complex sub-plots create an engaging romantic thriller.” –Chanticleer Reviews

A savage assault. A sinister conspiracy. Can she battle PTSD and dig up the truth before a stalker sends her to an early grave?

Vancouver, BC. Investigative reporter Jordan Stone is desperate to hunt down the mobster who forced her parents into witness protection. But when she recklessly follows an anonymous tip, she’s kidnapped and chained underground at the mercy of a sadist. Resigned to perish in a sea of pain, not even her fortunate discovery by the police manages to shake her dread that someone is out for her blood…

Fighting through her battered emotions and bruised body, the fiery journalist works frantically to free herself and her family from the crime boss who wants them dead. But as the clues take her across the ocean to Sicily, she can’t escape the feeling she’s being stalked by an ominous new threat.

Can Jordan end the looming menace, or will an assassin’s blade cut her life short?

“Karen Dodd has created a page-turning thriller that will keep you awake long after you should be turning off the light. In Scare Away The Dark, Dodd combines elegant prose with meticulous research to create a story that is as riveting and ominous as an oncoming storm. With her lightning-paced plotting and twists as powerful as gale-force winds, readers will be left thunderstruck and eager for the next installment of this unputdownable series.”

  —AMBER COWIE | Author