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Deadly Switch

A riveting read; engrossing, entertaining, and clever. Extremely satisfying!”

A mysterious text is a prelude to murder. A globe-trotting suspect on the run. Can a young woman end the killing before her past buries her future?

Vancouver, BC. Investigative reporter Jordan Stone loathes her estranged dad. But when he oddly messages her from out of the blue, she puts her bitterness aside for a slim chance to reconnect. Yet upon her arrival at his lavish mansion, all she finds is a stranger’s cooling corpse.

With her missing father now accused of homicide and embezzling millions, Jordan’s attempts to expose the truth only land her on the hit list. Desperate to discover who is really pulling the strings, she races to Italy to revisit her miserable childhood… knowing she’s drawing the attention of a cold-blooded killer.

Can she crack the case before she joins the skeletons in her family’s closet?

“…characters were well developed. The author’s attention to detail is superb! You could almost smell, taste and feel all that she described in this fantastic story and I loved how she kept me guessing right up to the finish! Cannot wait for the sequel!”
– Sherrie Busswood