Pegasus Press

When DEADLY SWITCH: A Stone Suspense was enthusiastically accepted into main stream bookstores, I learned how critical it was for my debut novel to stand spine-to-spine alongside others in its genre. Besides being an engaging story, the professionalism of the cover design, and the quality of editing and formatting, was paramount. I truly believe that’s what has given me, as a debut author, the same respect and opportunities afforded better known, traditionally published authors.

It was as I was getting ready to publish the Second Edition of my book, that I decided to form my  own imprint, Pegasus Press. I am particularly proud of my award-winning cover designer, Jun Ares. His cover for Deadly Switch won the coveted Joel Friedlander e-book cover design award in 2014. Jun has also won multiple awards for his intuitive, highly distinctive print covers.

Pegasus-thumbnailPegasus Press is located on the north shore of Vancouver, British Columbia.