Karen Dodd

Early Signs of Being a Writer

An only child, I was born in a small town in Sussex, England and immigrated to Canada with my parents when I was four. My father flew out to get a job and a place for us to live. My mother and I boarded a Greek freighter, and as the only child on board I apparently convinced a poor sailor to help me search the entire ship for “Soxey Tree,” who he assumed was my doll. It was with great embarrassment that my mother told him that Soxey Tree was my invisible friend. Looking back on it, I guess I was always making up stories.

Upon finishing school in North Vancouver, I started in the Public Affairs department of what is now Telus, where I worked on the corporate newspaper (in the good old days of galley proofs and bluelines). By osmosis, I learned how to listen, pull gems of information from people in interviews, and edit. Although I excelled at writing in school, I don’t remember wanting to be a writer; I just always wrote and as an only child, I was a voracious reader.


Present Day

Although I wrote articles on entrepreneurship for several publications over the years and was published in a bestselling women’s anthology, I had always wanted to write a novel. So, in 2012 my husband, Glen convinced me to retire from my entrepreneurial endeavors in order to write full-time.


Thanks to some amazing mentors, beta-readers, my editor, and of course, my beloved—who believed in me before I believed in myself—DEADLY SWITCH: A Stone Suspense was released on Amazon, November 30, 2013. The reviews came in fast and furiously with an average of 4.5 stars on Amazon and 5 stars on Goodreads. Many good people tweeted and shared my book. Friends hosted book signings for me.

The greatest compliment I consistently receive from readers is that they can see, smell, and feel my locales and characters. They say they can tell I’ve been to Tropea, Italy—one of locations in the book. I hadn’t—at least not until after DEADLY SWITCH was published. Glen and I went to Tropea for the first time in April, 2014 and we stayed in the exact same flat in a converted palace where part of my story is set. In September of 2014, I went back a second time to do more research for the sequel, Scare Away the Dark, which will be released before the end of 2016.

Writing is my passion and as long as there are readers who continue to tell me they love my book and couldn’t put it down to get to sleep or to do their chores, I will continue to do what I do.

How bad is a life where my beloved brings me early morning coffee in bed, I take the dog to the beach just below our house (where we often commune with seals), then I commute to my water-view studio and spin a wild yarn for the rest of the day? And all without getting into trouble for making things up. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Thank you for joining me. 

With gratitude,






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